Data Projects

Interactive dashboard for measuring energy consumption

An analysis of 47 months of energy usage data. It was gathered in a house located in Sceaux between December 2006 and November 2010.

 WIFI positioning

Indoor localization is still an open problem mainly due to the loss of GPS signal in indoor environments. For this reason, we evaluated the application of machine learning techniques to this problem, replacing the GPS signal with WAPS signal.
CRUD with shiny
I’m developing a CRUD app (Create, Read, Update and Delete) in shiny, that uses forms to get data into and out of a database.

Weather monitoring
I’m developing a real-time weather monitoring App. It collects data from meteosat. Try the App here.

Dengue competition
The goal is to predict the number of dengue cases each week (in two different locations) based on environmental variables describing changes in temperature, precipitation, vegetation, and more.

Movie Recommender (WIP) 
Let’s use MovieLens Datasets for building a movie recommender.